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Archive for Historical Preservation

Preserve, protect and promote your work.

It often takes many different people, teams and companies to bring a project to life. With Declaration, you can peek behind the curtain to see when, where and how work gets done – and by whom. Instead of being another complicated, over-designed portfolio site, Declaration is an open platform built on an intelligent, user-friendly framework that puts your work front and center. Declaration easily links and distributes content to any social community you choose, thereby increasing your exposure and chances for success. For all involved, Declaration brings new levels of transparency, recognition, and democracy to the creative process.

More Connections, Exponential Exposure

Your portfolio should be working for you.

Having a single, insulated portfolio limits the visibility of your work. On Declaration, your work is linked to everyone associated with it – colleagues, classmates, collaborators – and each of these points of intersection lead directly back to you. Additionally, every time you post work on Declaration it gets distributed to any social website you choose. More eyes means more exposure which can lead to more opportunities to be discovered by potential employers, customers or fans. It’s all part of how Declaration helps you to be known for what you create.

It’s your work that people are interested in, not the design of your website.

Easily Update Your Records

Keeping your work current has never been easier.

One of the nicest features about Declaration is that you never have to worry about how to update your portfolio again. If a project you’ve worked on is already in our database, simply find it (via a search) and add it to your profile with the touch of a button. If your work is not yet in our system, upload it and invite collaborators to join and fill in any blanks. In this way projects become communal, increasing transparency into the creative process and ensuring everyone involved always has access to the best version of the work in terms of resolution, fidelity, web-optimization, etc.

Metrics & Analytics

Discover how your work is resonating with the public at large.

It’s hard to quantify emotional impact. It’s hard to know – really know – what effect your work has on people. Who are they? Where do they live? Which of your creations is resonating the most with them? Declaration allows you to release your work into the wild and get hard data in return. Because our strength is in our members, we learn from the information they share and in return give them up-to-the-second analytics on their work, industry and peers. The larger our database grows, the more customizable and comprehensive our metrics will become.

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